Employment branding

A strong employer brand will help you attract the best talent, and if the promises inherent within your employer brand are followed through, it can boost your retention and engagement.

The strength of your employer brand can be directly linked to achieving your strategic objectives. To help strengthen your brand, TSG offers the following consulting services:

  • Creative Concepts
    Creative concepts - branding + campaigns
  • Communication Toolkits
    Communication Toolkits
  • Social Media Strategies
    Social media strategies and training
  • Career Websites
    Career websites, campaign microsites and intranet design
  • Mobile Campaigns
    Mobile campaigns for smart phones and tablets
  • Film Creation
    Video Production (overviews/profiles)
  • Early Career Campaigns
    Early career campaigns geared toward interns, apprentices and graduates
  • Diversity and Inclusion Campaigns
    Diversity and inclusion campaigns
  • Internal mobility and referral programs
    Internal mobility and referral programs
  • Internal communications
    Internal communications